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Installing a shell

How you will access your games

Cesium - TI-84 Plus CE/TI-83 Premium CE

Downloading Cesium

  1. Go to either or and download
  2. Unzip it and find cesium.8xp. This is the file you will send to your calculator.
  3. Follow along in the section corresponding to which software you'd like to use.
      1. Open up in Google Chrome and plug your calculator into your computer via your Mini-USB cable.

      2. Click the blue circle that says "Select calculator", then push "TI-84 Plus CE" and click connect.

      3. Press "Okay" when it pops up with a message about Beta support

      4. Once you're done, you should see a screen like this:

      5. Now, click the blue circle that says "Select file" and select the CESIUM.8xp that you found earlier.

      6. Once you've opened CESIUM.8xp your screen will look like this:

      7. Then click the blue circle that says "Send it!"

      8. If all went well, your screen should like this:

Installing Cesium

  1. Once you've sent the Cesium file, push the button on your calc labeled "prgm"

  2. Then click the down arrow until "CESIUM" is selected and push "enter" to open the Cesium installer

  3. Once you open it, it will automatically install and your screen should look like this when it is done installing:

  4. Push "enter" twice to close and delete the Cesium installer. You should now be back on your calc's homescreen.

Opening Cesium

  1. Push the button "apps" to open the Apps menu.

  2. Then scroll down until "Cesium" is selected and press "enter"

  3. You should now be in Cesium!

This is where all of your programs will live; every time you install a new program, open Cesium to access it. You can close Cesium by pushing "clear". Also, from now on you can access Cesium by pushing "on" and "prgm" at the same time.

If at any point Cesium is not working you can access all of your programs by simply pushing "prgm".

MirageOS TI-84/83 Plus

Tutorial not done yet